Dos and Don’ts in Home Renovations

Dos and Don’ts in Home Renovations

There are times when home renovations can be very exciting. But every now and then, it can also be challenging, or worse, expensive. If you want to stick to your budget and keep your renovation on track, it is a must to plan things with care so you will be fully prepared for anything that might come your way. To give you a good idea, here are some dos and don’ts in home renovations you should know so you will have the smoothest remodel possible.

The Dos

Measure everything – Accurate and careful floor plans and measurements can help limit any unforeseen obstacle. Don’t forget to measure sizes of doors, stairways, elevators, or any other features which might affect your renovation.
Set a realistic budget – You have to be very honest as to the things you can and cannot afford. You also need to budget with extra care for each aspect of the renovation up to the tiniest details. You also need to budget for the most unexpected. Many professional designers stick to a simple rule: everything will cost you 30% more and take 25% longer than what you had planned.
Be careful in choosing your contractor – You have to ensure that you interview prospect contractors first and ask for recommendations or references.
Act cordially – Remember to always be cordial and polite to everyone involved in your home renovation. Any disagreements during the early stages of a remodel can only lead to a hostile relationship you have to deal with during the project.
Take photos – Pictures of your home renovation project from beginning to end are a wonderful way to get a good perspective of the entire process. After all, wouldn’t it be fun to compare the before and after look of your home?
Stay organized – Organization can lessen the stress related to major renovations. Highly organized homeowners will be better prepared to deal with challenges that may arise throughout a home renovation project.

The Don’ts

Don’t expect order – Home renovations, particularly bi ones, usually create lots of disorder and mess in your home. You will have to learn how to live with debris and dust or else, you will end up losing your mind before your project is even finished.
Don’t paint first – While it seems smart to paint during a renovation, there are lots of possible damages on walls. Painting must always be the final step in your home renovation project.
Don’t skip cleaning – In the same way that you have to learn how to live with mess around you, you will also feel more comfortable if you clean as you go. Although dust will always be there, regular cleaning will create a more productive workspace.
Don’t forget the floors – If you have no plans to replace your flooring, cover it up to keep it protected throughout the renovation.
Don’t trash the receipts –Keep all renovation receipts as these can come in handy for tax write-offs.

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